What Benefits Does The AI ​​Bring To Your Marketing?

AI helps you build a team of shock

To build an effective marketing team, you need to hire qualified people. Indeed, an error in recruitment can cost you in terms of time and resources.

AI makes it possible to automate the recruitment process thanks to its ability to analyze a huge amount of data instantly. Thus, good software can immediately qualify candidates through a predictive analysis that is based on parameters such as personality forms, games to measure cognitive ability or reaction to real problems within the company.

On the other hand, some “smart” recruitment algorithms, such as the one designed by HireVue, Mya, other start-ups, will allow you to identify the personality traits you want to find in your future employees: extroversion, friendliness, etc.

Like Zappos and Netflix, two online businesses focused on customer service, adopt artificial intelligence-based tools to build your marketing team.

AI makes it possible to automate analyzes

There is no question of replacing your analyst with a robot. Only you must admit that it is humanly impossible to analyze so much data. Also, using a machine is welcome.

As you can see, your marketing team can and must use AI to make decisions and then keep in mind that no matter how sophisticated a machine is, it must always be supervised by a computer. To be human.

… and do more conclusive tests.

Being able to collect and analyze a huge amount of data allows your marketing team to perform more conclusive tests and for good reason, instead of testing different variants of a single factor, the algorithms allow it to take into account all kinds of data. additional data, including user search history.

With AI, for example, your marketing team may discover that Variant A works better with a younger audience, while Variant B is well-targeted for an older audience. Your employees can use this data to customize your site for your different audiences.

AI measures the effectiveness of a variant by taking into account the commitment rate: Registration on mailing forms, session time, on-site purchase rate, etc.